Frugal Tips for Moving House

Moving home is said to be one of the most stressful lifetime events. To prevent it also being one of the most expensive, there are certain things you can do that will reduce the overall cost.

Plan Ahead

Shop around for removal firms and make sure that you get quotes from at least three different companies, as prices can vary greatly. It may even be possible to negotiate a deal with a firm by choosing to move on a day early in the week, rather than on a Friday, which is the busiest day for moving house.

If you plan far enough in advance, it should be possible to accumulate free packaging materials, such as newspapers, from neighbours and friends. Collecting some strong boxes from supermarkets for smaller items will also reduce the number of containers you need to hire from the removals firm.

Sort and Pack Early

Nostalgia tends to set in when you sort through possessions accumulated throughout your life and it will probably take much longer than you think to sort and pack everything. If you pack as much as you can yourself, you will save a considerable amount of money, but you need to start packing well in advance of moving day.


Good removal companies base their prices on the size of van that is needed and the manpower required to move your boxes and furniture. To cut down on the cost, purge your possessions and de-clutter well before moving day. You can even make money on this by selling unwanted items at a car boot sale, or on the internet. It is pointless carrying unwanted items from house to house and cutting down will also reduce the time it takes to unpack at the new property.

Arrange parking in front of the new property Removal firms may charge more if parking is not available directly outside the new property. Having to move large items of furniture further than is necessary is time-consuming and will probably result in an increased charge. It is possible to arrange with the local council to keep the space in front of the house clear on the day if necessary, or simply park your own car there.

Move Yourself

You can save money by hiring a large van and moving your belongings yourself. If you can call on family and friends to help, this could be a good solution for frugal movers. It can be difficult to estimate the size of van required, however, as if the van is too small you will need to make more journeys and it will take longer to move. Deducting the total cost of hiring the van, including petrol and insurance, from the fee charged by professional movers should result in a big saving.

Moving house does not need to be expensive if you do your research and are organised. There is a wealth of information to help you on the internet and taking the time to obtain quotes and get details of professional removal firms or van hire companies will pay off in the long run.

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